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Learn more about 21 CFR 11 Compliance and Electronic Data Capture.

Did you know REDCap supports limited exports, removing identifiers, date shifting, and obfuscating record identifiers?

If you use REDCap and publish, please make sure you include the approved citation language

Designated Contact

Every REDCap project must maintain one person who is responsible for ensuring the project is up to date and communicating changes to other users associated with the project.

We will be enforcing the selection of the designated contacts in the coming days. You can select your designated contact on the project setup page of your project.

REDCap Stats

REDCap Features

Build online surveys and databases quickly and securely in your browser

Create and design your project using a secure login from any device. No extra software required. Access from anywhere, at any time.

Fast and flexible

Go from project creation to starting data collection in less than one day. Customizations and changes are possible any time, even after data collection has begun.

Export data to common analysis packages

Export your data as a PDF or as CSV data for easy analysis in SAS, Stata, R, SPSS, or Microsoft Excel.

Custom reporting

Create custom searches for generating reports to view aggregate data. Identify trends with built-in basic statistics and charts.


Perform informed consent electronically for participants via survey.

Single Survey

Send real-time alerts and notifications to your team or other stakeholders via email, text, or phone based on certain data being entered or specific questions having a particular answer.

REDCap Mobile App

Collect data offline using an app on a mobile device when there is no WiFi or cellular connection, and then later sync data back to the server.

Secure file storage and sharing

Upload and share any type of file with anyone in the world through the File Repository feature or Send-It tool. Also works with exports and other built-in file uploading features.

Diverse and flexible survey distribution options

Use a list of email addresses or phone numbers for your survey respondents and automatically contact them with personalized messages, and track who has responded. Or create a simple link for an anonymous survey for mass email mailings, to post on a website, or print on a flyer.

Advanced instrument design features

Auto-validation, calculated fields, file uploading, branching/skip logic, and survey stop actions.

Connect to other resources

Use built-in features (API) to move data to/from your project. Build your own custom software development features to connect your project to other systems.

Data quality

Use field validation, branching/skip logic, and Missing Data Codes to improve and protect data quality during data entry. Open data queries to automatically identify and resolve discrepancies and other issues real-time.

Our Team

Andrew Martin, PhD is Principal Informatics Architect and Solutions Team Leader. He has developed and managed informatics platforms for multiple biotech and drug-discovery companies, specializing in complex data mining, analysis and visualization. He received his PhD in bioorganic chemistry with Dr. Peter Schultz at UC-Berkeley studying protein dynamics and in vivo unnatural amino acid incorporation.
Andy Martin, PHD
Álvaro A. Álvarez is a Systems Engineer with years of experience in data and database management as well as project management. His primary role as a REDCap Business Systems Analyst is to support various research projects from the school of medicine.
Álvaro Álvarez
Jae Lee, MBA is the Application Engineer responsible for the client framework development platform. She worked for several years in consulting before moving to software. She has extensive application development and QA experience including both black- and white-box testing and is currently supporting the REDCap user community, offering best practices review and implementing custom feature requests.
Jae Lee, MBA
Jordan Schultz is a Research Engineer currently working on implementing web applications for projects associated with Research IT. He is a recent graduate from UC-Davis where he studied computer science while playing on the volleyball team. Aside from interests in fitness, music, and technology, he is an avid foodie and is also aspiring to pursue graduate school in the future.
Jordan Schultz
Irvin Szeto is a Software Developer for Research IT. He has worked within the Internet industry in the Valley for over 12 years. His interests besides crafting elegant and invisible UX/UI for his users include data mining and visualizations as pertains to his work and areas outside of work such as sports and finance.
Irvin Szeto
Ryan Valentine is a REDCap Application Specialist in the RIT Solutions team with experience in customer service and data vending. His goal is to assist School of Medicine research teams with the management of their research projects. He studied Economics at Miami University.
Ryan Valentine
Lee Ann Yasukawa, MS is the Senior Application Developer affiliated with the Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Database project. Lee Ann was originally a control systems engineer at SLAC, then spent several years as both a server side engineer and an application developer on the Coghead platform.
Lee Ann Yasukawa, MS
Ihab Zeedia, MS is a Software Developer in the Solutions Team. He has a master’s degree in information systems management with a decade of professional experience in development from manufacturing, e-commerce and social media companies. His interests are in data mining, Business intelligence and learn new technologies.
Ihab Zeedia

About REDCap

REDCap is a secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys. REDCap's streamlined process for rapidly creating and designing projects offers a vast array of tools that can be tailored to virtually any data collection strategy.

REDCap provides automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to Excel and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R), as well as a built-in project calendar, a scheduling module, ad hoc reporting tools, and advanced features, such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields.

NOTICE: If you are collecting data for the purposes of human subjects research, review and approval of the project is required by your Institutional Review Board.

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