Thank you for your interest in the Consensus Report on Factors Influencing the Decisions, Acts, and Behaviors of Children and Youth Seeking Refuge in the United States. In order to access the report, we ask that you complete a brief survey on the nature of your request and relevant (non-identifying) case information. We appreciate your time in answering these questions, as your responses inform the development of this and other similar reports, and allow our teams to continue working on such efforts.

Upon completion of this brief survey, you will receive a copy/link to the report, which you are free to use in your case. If you would like to use the report in multiple cases (or in future cases), we ask that you please submit a separate request for each case, so we can track case information and outcomes accordingly. Please do not otherwise distribute the report; rather, any other interested parties should complete this same request for access. You will also receive another brief survey request in 1 year (at the indicated email address) to provide feedback on the use and utility of the report. We once again appreciate your time and input.

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