We are pleased that you are interested in participating in our Human Personal Omics Profiling project! With HUPO world a few weeks away we wanted to get you prepared and setup for a fanstatic experience.

To get started, we need to get some more complete information about you.

Before Conference (Now):
1) Below is the registration form to be completed and signed.
2) Please copy your ‘RedCap ID', you will need to use that ID to schedule your Blood Draw.
- Schedule your Blood Draw: https://doodle.com/poll/z233s7rrxw69gwqy

At the conference:
1) Attend the info and group consent session on Sunday's preliminary session.
2) At your scheduled appointment time, come to hPOP room for Blood draw.
- You can visit our booth with any questions during the conference.

Post (after) the conference:
1) Make sure you have completed the study surveys.
2) Stay tuned to learn more about the data collected.
3) You can contact us anytime through our website: http://med.stanford.edu/hpop/contact.html

We are excited about your participation! Please complete the registration below.

Thank you!

-Stanford hPOP Team

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