To apply for membership to the Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI), please read the policy below and fill in the brief questions. Once your application is received, your Community Academic Profile (CAP) will be updated to reflect membership in MCHRI.


The MCHRI at Stanford engages the academic strengths of the Stanford School of Medicine (SoM), along with Stanford's six other Schools, Independent Labs, Institutes, and Centers, so that they incrementally apply their research engines on issues that are relevant to maternal and child health. Maternal and child health refers to the expectant mother, oocyte, zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child, and adolescent. To facilitate these efforts, the principles guiding membership in the MCHRI are for the MCHRI to be inclusive and for the members to be responsive to, and responsible for, the needs of the maternal and child health research community.


Why is MCHRI requesting the data, and how will the data will be used?

MCHRI is committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) in all aspects of our work supporting research, education and resources in maternal and child health. MCHRI commits to monitoring the diversity of its leadership, review boards, applicants, speakers and membership, creating metrics for improvement and modifying our practices and programs accordingly.

The data collected in the demographic survey will support MCHRI to evaluate our funding initiatives, identify gaps and barriers, and make changes to improve and ensure the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for MCHRI members. It allows MCHRI to monitor if it is making progress over time in supporting scholars and grantees underrepresented in health fields and from diverse lived experiences. The data is collected for monitoring purposes only, is not linked to grant applications or reviews.


Members of the MCHRI must:

  • Hold a doctoral degree: MD, PhD, or their equivalents.
  • Hold an appointment in the following lines within the SoM or Stanford University: CE/MCL/NTLR/NTLT/UTL or be an Instructor, Clinical or Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Carry out work in support of the strategic priorities of LPCH and SoM as they relate to innovation in maternal child health and training of maternal and child health researchers.
  • Have fulfilled their responsibilities as members of the MCHRI during the preceding year.


Members of the MCHRI may apply for and receive grants and awards from the MCHRI.


MCHRI members must when appropriate:

Participate in peer review of applications for MCHRI funding. (Applicable only to Members in CE/MCL/NTLR/NTLT/UTL lines).

Annually update Stanford Profile, formerly Community Academic Profile (CAP), including publications & photograph.

If funded by the MCHRI, provide an annual report no later than 1 month after the end of the fiscal year. This brief report will list their maternal and child health related research funding and academic productivity in a format requested by the MCHRI administration.

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