Treatment for Children's Night Terrors
Stanford Night Terrors Treatment
Does your child have night terrors?
If so, he/she may be eligible to participate in a study for an investigational treatment for night terrors. During a night terror, a child will suddenly start crying or screaming in the middle of the night but they cannot be woken up. The episodes commonly last 10-30 minutes and the child does not remember the event in the morning.
What does the treatment consist of?

We are testing the effectiveness of a non-medication, at-home sleep management system, which has been 90% effective in curing night terrors in past clinical trials.

The study will be done at no cost.

Your child may qualify if they meet the following criteria:

Your child is between the ages of 2-12.

Where are you recruiting?

US only -- we are able to enroll subjects from all 50 states

We are not able to enroll any subjects outside of the US

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please leave your information below.

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