**Please Note: Data collection for the SCC survey has closed. If you have additional cases to enter, email me at azehnder.dvm@gmail.com and I will maintain your contact information. We are working on developing a broader exotic tumor database and your cases are welcome for inclusion in this larger effort!!**

Thank you for participating in this survey! By combining cases from multiple institutions, we can begin to obtain statistically significant information on treatment outcomes for our avian patients with squamous cell carcinoma. This information may be used to help clinicians guide therapy as well as guide researchers to develop clinical trials. The information obtained by this survey will be made publicly available once there is enough data for analysis. Additionally, this survey is preliminary to a much larger effort to create a database where clinicians can input data about cancers in exotic animals as well as treatments, outcomes and side effects.

Entering one case should take approximately 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity. You can choose to save a survey and return to it in the future. Please use the internal navigation, not your browser's forward and back buttons. If the answer to a question is unknown - just write "unknown".

If you have a large number of cases you would like to enter (>10), please email me to discuss ways to enter data directly instead of using a survey interface. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at:


Also - if you are interested in helping with projects relating to cancer in all exotic species (not just birds) - follow the link below to learn more about ongoing efforts:


Thank you!!

Ashley Zehnder, DVM, ABVP(Avian)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

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